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Can't use on Windows XP?

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Whenever i try to install this on Windows XP it says 'Unable to install or run this application. This application requires Version 4.5 Full or other compatible .NET Framework' Microsoft discontinued this for Windows XP. Also, for some reason, the normal game doesn't work for me either.

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You don't provide much information on what you have tried. Judging from you mentioning the .NET Framework v4.5 I'll assume you mean the launcher. I talked about it to the programmer of the launcher (PFCKrutonium) who explained the launcher uses .NET 4.5 functionality like the ZipFile class and a few other things. This would mean a lot of work would be required to support Windows XP.Of course, the builds don't require .NET 4.5. There are three different build servers. I know that the builds from openrct2.com and openrct.net don't work on XP. I don't know about the Ursalabs builds, but I doubt they work on XP.This leaves one possibility and that is compiling the code yourself. You will need to make some changes to the build scripts. What those changes are is unknown, you would have to figure that out yourself, I'm afraid.Generally, supporting XP in the builds would require extensive changes to the build scripts, which, to be brutally honest, isn't really worth the effort. XP is 13.5 years old and it shows. If it's a possibility, I would strongly advise you to upgrade. Windows Vista and newer versions of Windows should work, as well as OS X and Linux (using Wine).

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