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New Project: Universe!

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Hi! xD

Its been a quite time i didnt open the forums but now i have some little bit offtopic thing

good news i started a new project! 'Universe' :P

well the theme park theme is like Zones with different culture around the world

i dont know if you like but any suggestion and others are appreciated to help me build a better park

heres some screenshot of my park:D



PS:I used some custom flat rides:$









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Looks cool so far. I'd like to see some updates if you worked on it at all.

I had the idea before of doing a park split down the middle with a past and future theme going on, but I've yet to tackle it.  I'd have to put a decent amount of effort trying to maximize the rides and decorations available to fit the themes, but I think it would be pretty sweet.

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Looks really cool! Only things I don't like is the lack of fencing around the paths and the lack of trees around it. Trees will probs come later and the fences are only a thing I annoy myself hugely about next to the coaster. I think there should be fencing all around, but that's just my opinion.

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