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Assertion failed

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You can still play this park while it's paused. It's still not knows what exactly is causing this issue, but there is something that corrupts the map elements (and possibly only when playing for a long time in paused mode, since many other examples did the same before it broke).

The park can be fixed by someone who knows what to change exactly. As far as I know this fix will break all banners and animated scenery, but this assertion failure will be gone. Perhaps you can ask for help in the developers chat: https://gitter.im/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2

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Okay I think I've found the cause of this. Its caused by too many map animations. When using pause modes map animations cannot be removed this is an issue if you make a lot of queues as the queue path creates an animation for each time the banner at the front of the queue is moved. In the original this wouldn't crash as the game would prevent exceeding the maximum number for some reason this check was removed in OpenRCT2. I've reintroduced the check into the pre-release for 0.0.3 so this should be fixed next week when that is released. Thanks for reporting the issue. 

Just a word of warning even with the bug fixed the game will not perform quite correctly when map animations are maxed out so I suggest unpausing every now and then and especially if you get a warning in the console window.

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