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It looks fun Snowmew! Both links are working. I'll probably do the scenery around it when it's my turn ^^@Derf: Ahh that's a shame. Take care, I hope to see you joining during or after winter then!Current list: jensj12, Broxzier, UTMAN, imlegos, Snowmew, Philmon11imlegos beat me to it :PEdit:It's been 12 days since jensj12's last post. I'll wait till tonight (~8 hours from now) before I'll start working on the park.

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The stable build of version v0.0.3 just went live, and our park is featured in the title sequence!

Heya! I'm finished, here's what I've done:- Extended the railroad a little to the other side- Placed two rides: Observation tower and ferris wheel (Now I think of it, they probably have 1s in their names :P)- Changed some scenery here and there to make it look better- Added scenery around the coaster that Snowmew build- Build a new area so guests can access the lake, reachable from both waysHere's a screenshot:View imageDownload V3 here: https://openrct.net/cc/share/Broxzier/32/OpenRCT+2015V3.sv6For some reason it won't load in the original game anymore, but it works fine with the launcher.Current list: UTMAN, imlegos, Snowmew, Philmon11, BroxzierMissed turn: jensj12 (give a call when you want to join again, you'll be placed first)Good luck UTMAN! :D

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https://openrct.net/cc/share/UTMAN/33/OpenRCT+2015V4.sv6Tell me if it's good or not. BTW Broxzier you should check the observation tower you've placed. It's something wrong with it. The repairman can't repair it.
Seems like the scenery that I placed on the platform is in the way, by removing it the mechanic guy could reach it.I'll take a look at what you build later today, from what I saw just now the new area and river thingy fits well.Current list: imlegos, Snowmew, Philmon11, Broxzier, UTMANMissed turn: jensj12
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I'd like to know your opinions on it, I don't want to be the only one making these decisions. I don't have WW and TT installed at the moment, but wouldn't mind doing so for this park. I can imagine others here not having the expansion packs though.Wacky World / Time Twister pollCustom Scenery pollWhen you vote against using the expansions or custom scenery, please explain why. :)

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TBH I don't see why not. Maybe only if most of our players don't have them, then we shouldn't pick these kind of stuff into the game. We'll see. But that's good to know that someone doesn't have it. So I won't put stuff from the expansions into the game until we'll figure this out. :)

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Custom Scenery is automatically installed to the game upon loading a save that uses one, or opening a custom scenery file with RCT2. (I think a separate park may need to be made for scenery/ride downloading though, as i'm not sure if ORCT2 works with that)

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