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I have one small request - would it be possible to add the ability to set prices by typing them, rather than just using the up/down arrows? I think it would make large price changes (such as setting the initial prices of large coasters or park entrance) easier.Thanks.

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Since adding an input box might be a bit harder to code (I'm not a dev here, so can't say), does adding shift-click and/or ctrl-click for 10x price change also statisfy your needs?
An input box is being used at some points already, it might even be easier to use one here instead of having to detect extra keys for it. I don't know much about the framework myself so far (only started since last Friday). Converting the entered numbers into a price shouldn't be hard either, even for supporting of both . and , for decimals.Maybe scrolling while hovering over the price field to change it would work nicely. It'll probably make it even harder, but it's an idea.
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