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How to install the latest version?

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Hi people,

I cannot manage getting the latest version of openrct2:
I'm using Linux Mint Sylvia 18.3 (and quite a noob on it) I've followed what's explained in getting started guide there https://openrct2.io/ . But titlescreen is mentioning OpenRCT2, v0.1.3-build (DEBUG). Does it means that the package is not updated?

I tried then simply "Download latest release" on same website. When I double click on this openrct2 file, an error window ask me if whether I want to set it executable or not (in properties it is already set as executable). Then I get an openrct2 window apparently updating the game and showing two buttons "play" and "options". When checking "option" I see the correct path of my RCT2 game, but when checking "Play" the window closes and nothing happens.

Launching from terminal does not show the window with "play" and "option" buttons but simply gives error messages like "error while loading shared libraries: libduktape.so.202: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Previously I also got the same message with "libcrypto" or "libsdl2".
The same happens with the launcher that I found elsewhere (well I guess it's the same program!).

I hope you could give me some hints



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