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Reliability issues after changing chainhill speed

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Hello everyone. A long time RCT2 player here. I recently discovered OpenRCT and man, it really enhances the game!

I've come accross this strange bug, after building this Kingda Ka-esque coaster (see attachments):


After setting the chainhill speed to 146km/h (or 91mph), I've noticed that the reliability of the coaster will quickly drop. 



After just 5 min. it dropped from 100% to 69%!1350544802_SixFlagsMagicMountain2021-03-2916-12-47.thumb.png.8bce4ed1b0706dbabb4ff8b88b1705eb.png


How is this possible?

Kingda Ka.td6

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This isn't a bug - setting a higher chain lift speed makes the reliability decrease more rapidly, so setting the chain lift speed much higher than normal has the side effect of making the reliability decay much faster than normal. You can use booster pieces instead, or disable breakdowns.

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Thnx man for the insight. Never thought of it this way.

Come to think of it, I think this could be some measure of realism. I'd think chainhills will also suffer from massive reliability isssues, running at these kind of speeds...

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