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Show Off Your Tracks.


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So ..... Twisting coaster max height of both land and track. Best speed I can get is 252kph, it enters the station at just on 200kph.  :)

Intensity of 36+.  :D

My best so far.

For your consideration.  :)


Attraction Design Only 2021-07-10 22-21-47.png

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A couple of screen shot of rides I've made. Posted for your thoughts. :)

The Go-Kart track took me awhile to do, using the tile inspector to make the track invisible, I think it turned out well.  :)

The Giga Coaster takes 4+ minutes to get to the top, that's at the standard 10 or 12 kph lift chain speed (I forgot which it is).

Land of Entertainment 2021-07-20 20-33-07.png

Land of Entertainment 2021-07-20 20-33-59.png

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