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Open RCT2 not recognizing expansion content

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I bought rct2 ages ago, on disk. Last year, I finally bought the triple thrill pack via GOG for cheap. Not long ago, I downloaded and started using OpenRCT2. Love it, btw. At any rate, this has left my computer with three different "RCT2" shortcuts. The original one, the one from GOG, and the one from OpenRCT2.

The shortcut for OpenRCT2 does not recognize anything from the triple thrill pack. None of the saved games, none of the new rides from the RCT2 expansions, none of the new scenery, etc. It does seem to recognize content, such as saved ride designs, from my original RCT2 game.

I'm sure it's dead simple, but how do I get OpenRCT2 to recognize all the new stuff from the expansions? Is it just a matter of moving some files over?

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Hmm... couldn't get the config.ini file to change. I'd edit it, save, then boot openrct2, and there'd be no change. Check the config file, and it would have reverted to the original path.

Moved files over to the GOG install, and that seemed to work, but, of course, lost me access to them in the rct2 install, and openrct2. Then uninstalled my original rct2. Opened openrct2, it couldn't find the rct2 exe, and it asked me to direct it to the path. I directed it to the GOG install, and now everything seems to be working just fine.

So, seem to have gotten everything working now. Thanks for the help!

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