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Question about adjusting the height of atractions.

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You know how you can use the shift key to adjust the height of new buildings when placing them? Like when you want to place a new stall near an elevated pathway. OK, so my question is, can you do the same with pre-built roller coasters? I tried using shift with no results - it still is placing it on the lowest position possible. I know you can always rise one "square" of land and the pre-built coaster will adjust the template to that (as long the support size supports it), but on scenarios in which you can't adjust the land you can't do this so this is kinda annoying (e.g. the paradise pier scenario from RCT1).

So is there a way around this, or do i i just "have to live" with that? If that's not currently possible, that would certainly be some nice feature to be added.

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Great question. I have many pre-build attractions, and being able to place them with shift would be great. To the best of my knowledge you can't, especially considering the age of the basic games. Still, it'd be nice.  :)

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