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RTC2 Triple Thrill & Deluxe Question

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I have the Triple Thrill game (for myself) and it works with OpenRTC2. My question is, will the Deluxe game work as well, AND, is it the same as the Triple Thrill version? I'm trying to get a copy on Steam for my son so we can play together, but I want to make sure we both have the same games. The Deluxe is cheaper on Steam than the Triple Thrill, so I want to make sure I get what I'm paying for.


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It's not the same, no. RCT Deluxe is to RCT1 what Triple Thrill Pack is to RCT2: the game bundled with the expansions. You cannot substitute one for another.

OpenRCT2 needs Triple Thrill Pack. Optionally, you can also _add_ RCT Deluxe to improve OpenRCT2 with some extra features.

Edit: note that you don't strictly need Triple Thrill Pack. The disc versions of RCT2+WW+TT will also work. The same applies to RCT1: RCT1+Loopy Landscapes will work just as well as RCT Deluxe.

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