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Find all scenery objects in park

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Hello everyone, I’m new to OpenRCT2 and I’m wondering if any experienced players can help me save a lot of time. I’m trying to update an old park with new custom scenery. The problem is, I am already at the  252 item limit for small scenery. Thus, I need to remove some already selected scenery to make room for the new custom scenery. It’s taking forever, though, to find all instances of, for example, “alligator shaped tree,” currently in the park so that I can delete them all and uncheck that piece of scenery. Is there any possible way to quickly locate all instances of a particular type of scenery currently in the park so that I can remove them? Otherwise I’m playing a time consuming game of “Where’s Waldo” in my park trying to find every instance of something. Any help would be appreciated. 


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