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When do guests get hungry/thirsty? RCT1

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I was happy to find that openRTC2 also lets you add RTC1's parks, but I'm confused about something. When do these people get hungry or thirsty? Oh yeah, they'll puke, but I get to July in the first year and still nobody cares about the drinks stall. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? It's not that big a park, I like to build slow. But I would have thought somebody would have at least wanted a drink by that point.

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Guests get thirstier and hungrier after riding intense rides. And they also get hungrier and thirstier the more they walk.

I am not sure of the following but i think they do also get thirstier when it is hot outside.

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Thanks! I have another question: are queue lines necessary for attraction rides or are they only useful for roller coasters? I was about 12 or 13 when I played these games last and a lot less attentive. I don't ever remember using them.

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Queue lines aren't necessary for any ride, but entrances and exits usually are. If there is no queue line leading up to a rides entrance, the peeps will still board the ride one at a time sporadically. If there is a queue line leading into a rides entrance the peeps will wait in line to board the ride as a group.The peeps will then board the emptied ride until it is fully loaded (or loaded to whatever wait for load setting you have selected).

Check and set the rides boarding limits (how many people it fits) you can adjust these and waiting time, and wait for full load settings.

I don't know what you mean by 'attraction ride'.

The peeps in rct/rct2 behave kind of like iron filings to a magnet the magnets being rides and stalls.

You have to learn how to control and influence the peeps.

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