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Ride Entrance Not Yet Built

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I often run into this bug, where testing and opening a ride, can not be done as the game claims that no Entrance yet has been built, even though it has.
I am building a Suspended Swinging Coaster, before testing it, I had the track editor opened, placed Entrance and Exit and when I try to test it, it gives me the error.
I think the bug might have something to do with the fact that I saved the game while doing so.
Anyway, I hope you plan to fix this, if it is fixable and do you have any suggestions on how I make it test? When I place Entrance and Exit now it just jumps back and forth between the two as if none are ever placed.

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I can, and I will. I will look into it tomorrow, I am having another problem where my saved games from OpenRCT2Laucher saves in some obscure system32 file, that I can not find in explorer.

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Unfortunately I have overwritten the save, but I will post a save of it the next time it occurs.

Also my game has made two paths for saved games
1. C:\VTRoot\HarddiskVolume3\Users\45262\Documents\OpenRCT2\save
2. C:\Users\45262\Documents\OpenRCT2\save

Is there a way to merge these two paths? The game does not recognize which maps have been completed and which have not, when I am unable to launch from OpenRCT2Launcher due to the "Network session error" bug.

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