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Mac OS X black screen at opening OpenRCT2.app

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Hello everyone!

I have an issue. Can't make OpenRCT2 open app properly. Must be I misunderstood something in configuration.

I installed RCT2 from steam and OpenRCT2 all the way that is described in manuals (https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Installation-on-Linux-and-macOS and https://forums.openrct2.org/topic/1006-rct2-for-mac/?do=findComment&comment=18823). When I open OpenRCT2.app I see an opened window, music playing and black screen. I can't do anything. The app is not responding, so I have to close it.

MAC OS X: El Capitan 10.11.6. GeForce-GTX650. Also I have two monitors. I thought it can be connected with them, then I manually pulled the HDMI cable out from one of them and the game still shows black screen. The setting is windowed mode, not a fullscreen.


May be there is something with configuration? Or any settings in config.ini?

Thank you in advance!


PS. In parallels I can play openrct2, but I want to make it with mac os.

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Try waiting maybe 5 minutes on the black screen. The game might suddenly start after that amount of time. After it starts once, it might only take 20 seconds the next time you open it. Unfortunately i have this problem with my old windows Vista laptop. If the game updates to another version, it sometimes takes five minutes to start from the black screen, and there after the game will load in about 20 seconds.

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Which version have you installed? If it's the 0.2.3 release build: it contains a bug that stops it from working on macOS.  Please update to the latest development build and try again.

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