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Two identical roller coasters, but one has an unsaveable track design

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Ever since the development version fixed the save file crashing as described here, the track designs of certain wooden roller coasters have become unsaveable.

'Great White Wail', a pre-built coaster from the original RCT2, is one such example. In the save file attached, I've created an identical duplicate using the original template, except I've rebuilt certain track pieces, which are marked with red cubes. This has resulted in the creation of a saveable version of the Great White Wail that is otherwise completely identical to the original.

In the save file are also two of my custom rides that I used to be able to save, but which are now unsaveable.

It may be that other coaster types are affected, but the only instances I could find were of wooden coasters.

I'm running Windows 10 1903, and OpenRCT2 version 0.2.3-60db202.

EDIT: The error message I get is the same as the one seen here.

EDIT 2: This bug was fixed a while ago, and I'm making a note here just in case anyone gets confused.

unsaveable track designs.sv6

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