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Increased lifthill speeds feature removed?

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Hey guys,

first of all, I love OpenRCT2. It is so awesome to play one of my favorite games, but without the annoying limitations.

One feature you had introduced was lifthill speeds that are higher than usual, such as 90 km/h instead of 12 km/h.

That for me was the only possibility to "simulate" launched coasters (since the launche out of the station only works for a few coasters and is stupid).

With the current version, I suddenly can't increase the lifthill speeds anymore. Is there a hidden option that I need to select again or why is this feature gone?

I would really like to use it again. This or an alternative (like brakes with higher speeds that accelerate the trains, would make more sense as well).

Thanks for the help!

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You'll need to activate the feature in the Cheats window. You can open it using Ctrl-Alt-C, navigating to the last tab, and checking "Unlock operating limits".

By the way, the Looping RC, Corkscrew RC, Twister RC, Vertical Drop RC, Giga Coaster, Junior RC and Classic Mini RC now all have proper boosters - the kind you'd find in real life.

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Thanks, that's awesome! Now, is there a way for the selected "cheats" to stay selected? Loading another game, it is still selected, but restarting the game sets everything back to default.

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We plan to eventually store the cheat state in saved games. That will need a new save format, though. (We are working on that, but it also needs a lot of preparation in the code itself.)

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Hello this is Matthew, I like to ask if there is a way to bulid unlimited heights while building a roller coaster. I did it once before but I can't remember the cheat in the game which allowed you to do that. I've looked through the options and the cheats to find nothing would give me what I want. Does anyone remember what the cheat name was again so I can check it off and use it again? It was a really cool feature which I can make the coaster infinitely sickening and intense than what I use to do on the old RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. Inside the shovel icon, at the bottom of the menu, it says "Disable support limits" and from there you can make it as high as you want. It took me a while to find it until I looked through the shovel icon menu again to find the one I was looking for. If anyone needs to find out how to do it again, here's the answer down here.

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Found the answer to my problem.

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