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Help Installing OpenRCT2 with RCT Classic

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Hello, I recently bought rollercoaster tycoon classic on steam. I was under the impression it was a mix of RCT 1 and 2, but after playing for a bit I realized the menus were a pain to use and I figured out that it's a port of a mobile version. I would like to instead use OpenRCT2. I understand that it is possible to use classic files with openrct2, but it requires a bit of moving files around to get it to work. I found another post on here that had instructions on what files to move so I have created a folder with 3 subfolders; Data, Objdata, and Tracks. I then copied the files from RCTC folder to those three folders. g1.dat to the data folder, all of the .pob files to the Objdata folder, and all of the .td6 files to the Tracks folder. I directed openrct2 to the folder where these were all placed. It accepts the file and launches, but a lot of the scenery and paths are missing from the game. I can't figure out how to fix this, I thought maybe something went wrong when I was copying the files so I redid the whole thing and it's still not working. I am using windows 10 and have openrct2 version 0.2.2 64 bit.

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It seems like it cannot load the objects. Can you turn on Debugging Tools in the Options window, then open the Scenario Editor, hover over one of the items in the list, and post a screenshot of that?

OpenRCT2 unfortunately cannot read RCTC's scenario format. You can get around that by creating your own using the Scenario Editor or by downloading scenario packs, like the "Exact RCT1 recreations". You can also download the "RCT2 Mini Game", which contains three scenarios and also the music and sound effects.

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