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Anyone want to recreate the original RCT1 campaign?

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But with updated ride lists that take into account all the various rides?

I mean, I am a huge fun of the original campaign scenarios, but on the other hand, there are all those cool rides in the expansion packs and RCT2.

What I'm wondering is ... has anybody created a scenario pack that is the exact same landscaping and scenario goals of the original campaign, but just with each scenario adding another 1 or 2 rides available originally, and another 3 or 4 available for research, to let you see some of the later coasters in the earlier scenarios? I mean, some great coaster type additions in the expansion pack, but I want to get a chance to use some of them in the original scenarios.

So my questions are, has this already been done? And if not, how difficult would it be to do. Is there any way to open the original scenarios in the scenario editor, add some ride types, and save it as a new version? Or is there no way to do this.

Just wondering.

[edit]OK, I'm an idiot ... I've opened the editor and verified I can edit the original scenarios, so if nobody has already done this, then I will do it myself! But is anybody else interested in seeing what I come up with?[/edit]

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If you just want to use other ride types in a park, you can enable debug tools in options under "advanced" to access object selection during play.

If you open the scenarios in the scenario editor, the rides and guests will not be there. However, you can use the convert saved game to scenario tool to open a scenario. From there, change the object selection.

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