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Custom Botany Breakers

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I started this park back in 2011 as a normal RCT2 campaign game but couldn't stop expanding it after the scenario goal was reached. I even did some Hex editing to get rid of the park borders; yeah, that was before the OpenRCT2 days :D Over the years I tended to launch up the game from time to time and add some stuff which was floating around in my head. When I discovered OpenRCT2 it was a new level of creativity, as suddenly things became possible I've not thought of yet. You can clearly see the history of the park with all attractions still standing (year 61 by now) and sure, it might look a bit unrealistic and thrown together in places, as I never had a bigger picture for it in mind. However, there are some real treasures there in my opinion, and some unique stuff you won't find somewhere else.

Some big screens from all directions:






And some closeups:



Jurassic themed section, with a long Inverted Coaster with a vertical lift hill and custom inversion. The white track in between is a water coaster with 2 stations.



Underwater Gyrodrop and a shuttled steel twister coaster with track switch in the vertical part and "splashed" end brake.



Niagara Falls replica at the lower part with splash boats dropping 30m inside the waterfalls. There's a mine train coaster inside the mountain aswell (crossing the waterfall). The upper part is my latest creation; a dual launched hybrid coaster. The first launch is quite moderate into the banked right turn followed by a short track with 2 inversions, a helix and small hills into a lift hill. From there into a vertical loop and all the way back, getting prepared for the second launch. This one ends in a section borrowed from the air launched coaster, climbing the vertical hill and then sending passengers for a real ride (65m drop) :



I also ended up creating a full sized mountain, coming with a fitting bobsled coaster, a flying coaster and a huge observation tower. Latter one can be accessed via an elevator, exited via a Mini Suspended Coaster, and also accessed via an Launched Freefall:



I'm really proud about that Launched Freefall Shuttle. In fact, it's actually dual launched! It took me ages to get it working correctly, and it will in fact only run correctly when it's fully loaded. Otherwise the second launch will fail, the vehcile will move slowly to the top and then launch from there into the orbit :D For better understanding check out the video:


Now these are some of the highlights. If you want to see more, try out this save file:


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