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"Network Desync detected" Error

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You can’t fix it, only the devs can. Just keep playing as if it never happened. When you notice significant differences between you and the server, simply reconnect to fix all issues caused by the desync.

If the game always throws the desync error immediately, it may be false alarm, but that will be fixed soon.

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In the options window there's a setting to stay connected when a desync occurs. It's advised to not keep playing for too long after it happens, because you may end up with something completely different than what's on the server, most noticeably sprite locations (vehicles, peeps, etc).

If you happen to know how to cause desyncs, please let us know. Tracing the source of what causes them is a difficult task, so any information you can give us helps to fix them.

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With me the desyncs happen when:
The host (not always a user) places benches, decorative items, employee, changing the zones of the employee, during the building of roller coasters (most of the times). But the weird thing is that sometimes these actions do not lead to a desync, but mostly when done twice or three times in a row. 

I hope that helps Broxzier :)

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