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Rotating Entrance/Exit Huts

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I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

I have found that you can rotate the entrance/exit huts using the Tile Inspector.

If I save the game, the huts are kept and remain rotated.

However, if you save just the track with scenery, the huts are not saved at all as they are when not rotated.

Is this the way it should be or am I doing something wrong?



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I finally get to say this: "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

That is, the rotating of entrance and exit buildings is most certainly intended to be possible. It has been used by the NewElement crowd for years, and we eventually plan to make a proper feature.

The track design bit is a bug, though. Could you create an issue on Github for it?

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Well, I think you managed all right. I did modify the title to be more descriptive, and I crossed out the request/question, since every Issue should only handle one thing. Though your question was already answered by ocalhoun when I checked.

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