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Editting chainlift speed on hacked water rides?

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I am working on a new water ride as shown in build logs. But I stumbled upon a small issue: I can't edit the chainspeed of the merged lifthill. I am using 1 entrance station and one exit station to simulate a Intamin circular platform to get into the boats. The ride operates therefore in Boat Hire Mode. In the old 8cars way of hacking our way into RCT-2 we could adjust the lift value to tackle this. Is it possible to tackle this issue somehow in OpenRCT-2?





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Use the arbitrary ride type cheat to switch the ride to a ride type that does normally have chain lifts (e.g any rollercoaster). Then you can edit the lift speed, and switch the ride type back when you're done.

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Thank you, That totally worked!


The station is WIP so I'm not going to post it in the buildlog right now. Some errors shown on the pic above are currently being worked on.

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