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Trojan Issue

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I have downloaded the latest version of OpenRCT2,but the antivirus says that it has a Trojan virus.

However here's link for the Virus Total results:


Does anyone has this issues as well or it's just me? I'm worried.


Note: The problem has already been solved. Thanks for the advices :)

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This issue (or similar) has popped up many, many times before and there’s nothing we can against it. There’s most likely nothing to worry about, but if you don’t trust it, don’t go online with OpenRCT2 or check and build from source yourself.

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It's worth noting that Google Chrome won't let you download any version of OpenRCT2 (portable or installer) because of this. it will give you the "Virus Detected" warning, meaning that you can't download it. I've only tried downloading the windows versions.


Even if there is no trojan, this problem should still be looked at for the sake of convenience.

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