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Some Requested CTR's


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this thread is for people requesting CTR's and if anyone could add them into the game here are my requests so far
#1 2nd Generation B&M Hyper


#2 Mack Spinning TrainMackSpinner.thumb.jpg.d876e243fcd8dd45f850afe00dce51ec.jpgs

#3 Gerstlauer Spinning Car


#4 Gerstlauer Infinity Trains (OTS and Lap Bar)


#5 Starflyer / Windseeker Concept

So a way I could see making a star flyer / windseeker possible is making a model that can fit on the roto drop and use cheats to get the roto drop to operate in observation mode so it spins while going up slow and down slow, all we need is a model to put on the tower, the same goes for launched freefall.

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On 25/09/2018 at 22:42, djwessie said:

The Zierer Tower coaster runs only with 3 coaches. If you want to have 2 rows, a -1 button is needed in OpenRCT-2

Late, but that only applies when you're using unlock vehicle limits. Hopefully someday Open will change the vehicle configuration window when using that cheat, but that's why that happens, for now.

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There aren't that many people who make CTRs - in fact, the only person I can think of who has made a ride recently is @Spacek, so I think he'd be the person to ask. Some of these were on my list of rides to make but the chances of me making another custom ride anytime soon are slim - it just takes too long and I don't have the time. There was someone working on an Infinity coaster but that thread has been dead for many years now. You could always make them yourself, if you wanted.

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50 minutes ago, Gymnasiast said:

The coding is not the problem, really - there are loads of people who can help you with that. The biggest challenge is creating the 3D model for the vehicle, and making it so that it fits with RCT's aesthetic.

This is exactly my problem. I want to design stuff I need, but if you suck at 3D modeling, it is really a pain in the ... you know what I mean.

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3 hours ago, RedNovaCoaster said:

Where would I get a 3d modelling  program?

I use Blender for my custom rides - it's open source and does everything needed. But it doesn't particularly matter what software you use - you might want to ask @Spacek what program he prefers as well.




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Some time back, Sebar and Ripper did their take on the Flying Fish compact steel (wild mouse-style) family roller coaster that used boxy fish coaster cars for its vehicles (they did the model that sits 2 per row, for a total of 4 passengers per vehicle); however, when I looked at some old photos from the old Pacific Ocean Park (POP), I saw that the fish vehicles POP employed were somewhat more slender and a bit longer, since these sat its 4 passengers for each vehicle one in front of each other!

A close-up view of POP's famous Flying Fish roller coaster.


A closer-up look at a Flying Fish coaster car at Pacific Ocean Park.  Notice how this family of 4 were seated thereon.


A scene of the Wildcat (originally Flying Fish) roller coaster that was once at Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island.


A better snapshot of Rocky Point Park's family steel coaster during its Wildcat phase—notice its cars were rethemed in tiger stripes.


Also at POP was the Mystery Island Banana Train family roller coaster that went through and along a man-made jungle mountain.  Its trains looked like bamboo-walled cabins with the locomotive engine driving 'em from behind!!

A look at POP's Banana Train going through Mystery Island's jungle mountain.  Notice that the locomotive driving this train is connected out back—directly opposite from a normal train!


The rear-driven Banana Train chugging and choo-chooing along at Pacific Ocean Park.


Pacific Ocean Park also had its robust take on the famous Magic Carpet family ride—it was basically like Disney's Peter Pan's Flight family inverted dark ride, but with elaborate flying carpet vehicles instead of flying ships!

The Magic Carpet family dark ride at POP was an inverted slow-moving coaster-like attraction employing flying carpet-shaped and themed vehicles to take 'em along a Middle Eastern scene featuring fairy tales.


POP also had a Jungle Safari adventure participatory dark ride (before these ride types started becoming more commonplace and popular).

A Jeep-type vehicle on the Jungle Safari takes a couple along its course.  Riders were equipped with shooting gallery rifles to "shoot" various objects (like this gorilla) along the ride's path.


Someone should make these kind of "game" rides available.


Sebar and Ripper also did their take on POP's Ocean Bubble Skyway ride—a chairlift skyride attraction featuring these round bubble-shaped cars.  Their version WASN'T recolorable (despite their then-best efforts)!  We should rework it, and produce a newly-revised version with FULLY RECOLORABLE cars.

A color photo showing a color bubble skyride car flying along the skyride cable from the Main Pier to Mystery Island.



Please take these suggestions (all tracked rides) into consideration.  Thank You!



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