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Buffalo Park

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I had played RCT1 and RCT2 for long time until I found this and was blown away so I had little fun to use it and play with cheats, Yes I know but just hell for it. So I decided to make a fun park so I can learn and understand better about OpenRCT2. The park is called Buffalo Park and it has a lake and all rides are on it and it has boardwalk everywhere. It has over 6,000 guests with nearly $800,00 in the bank.  You are more than welcome to download the park and give it a try or expand it as you wish.

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-06-59.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-02.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-08.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-11.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-15.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-21.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-25.png

Buffalo Park 2018-09-22 15-07-35.png

Buffalo Park.sc6

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