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What graphic settings are you using?

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Hello! I'm curious, I've just installed OpenRCT2 after a long time and noticed that now there's a scaling option.

To be honest, on a resolution of 1920x1080 the game seems a little "tiny" to look at, especially the font size.

I've tried the scaling option but I can't shake the feeling that even with the nearest option enabled, the game looks a bit blurry with not integer scaling options (1.50, 1.75 etc) . It looks better with 2.00 but I think it's too big in that case, bigger than the original release.

So I'm curious, what settings are you guys actually using??

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I use scale factor 1.0 and 1280x800 resolution. I use a toshiba laptop with a very "crisp" display, but i've noticed the games graphics don't look as good on the computers at the library near me. The library in my neighborhood has hp, or some other brand, "all in one" computers with very large screens. The graphics aren't as crisp and the colors aren't as bright on them. The graphics on my computer look even better if i tilt my screen a bit to make it darker. I never use any other scale factors other than 1.0. For me, any thing else looks really bad.

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