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How to put custom content into the game

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Hey! I'm so sorry for this question and this must have been asked so many times, but I'm new to OpenRCT2 and I just saw that we can put some custom content in this game. I'm so excited about this, but I just don't know how to begin, I'm too newbie with all this stuff haha; where to find the most popular CC, and how to install them in the game (or in which files of OpenRCT2 I need to put them)?


Thanks :)

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So there’s a few ways. One of which, you can head over to www.nedesigns.com and download some workbench parks. Once you load the park in-game, all the custom objects and rides they obtain will be automatically added to OpenRCT2. You can also do this with any of the parks over there, I’d suggest checking out any of the “Head-2-Head 8” parks, as they have a ton of custom scenery and rides that will get you a really good set of objects to play with  

A second way is to put any manually downloaded objects into your OpenRCT2/objects folder. You can do this with any of the individual objects 

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Do I need to put these in a specific folder? Because there is 3 folders in it, so I'm not sure if I simply put it in the objects folder or if I need to drag it into the right one. (see the picture below)

And whatever site I use for downloading parks, they'll be added automatically too in the OpenRTC2 folder?


EDIT: Finally I think it all worked correctly, so thanks for your help! :)



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That is not the object folder saxman is talking about. The files in that folder are JSON files that represent the original game's objects. To add custom objects (not from the original game) you'll have to put them in the OpenRCT2\object (without trailing s) folder (not OpenRCT2\data\object).

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Oh, but I don't have this folder... Not normal I guess?

I downloaded some rides and objects, and  I put them in the data/object one and they appear in my game (well, at least in Open RCT2, I haven't tried with the original game).

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The one in the last post (Documents\OpenRCT2\object) is the one you should use for custom content. The Program Files\OpenRCT2\data\object folder is shipped with OpenRCT2, and may even be replaced completely later on. You need (or should) even require administrator rights to add files there.

Custom content that is embedded with saved games are put in Documents\OpenRCT2\object automatically. The folder already exists for you, so it has probably happened already.

All custom content so far are .dat files. Custom JSON files are supported, but I don't think any serious objects are made yet.

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Hey I do not mean to bump the thread but seeing the screenshots above, I do not have the object folder in that directory or place. I've searched forever to no avail.

I dl'ed rct pack through steam and cannot find those files on my computer at all. Openrct2 folder have been found but apparently those 3 object folders are not correct. The place I need to dl is not where everyone is saying it should be, am I still looking in the wrong place?

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