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Can`t see server from friend! |Help?

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I have recently researched, and looked into how to open a port for hosting an openrct2 game.

And guess what... it is very complicated! Also you could be putting your computer at risk by opening ports for hosting games. Most people are claiming that there is little risk in opening ports, yet others claim there is some risk.

Anyway if you really want to do it, your best chance would be to go to, and log into the website of your internet service provider with your account name and password. Most internet providers will be verizon or xfinity, but if you have a different provider then go to that website.

Next go into "support" and then "internet support" ( at least this is the case for xfinity) and look for, or search for "port forwarding" or "i want to open a port for a game" etc. They (the internet service provider) should provide you with instructions from their website. There are about 6-10 steps you must take to open a port. 

Follow the instructions provided by your internet service provider. You could also try asking them to instruct you over the phone or through internet chat on how to open a port. And, You just might be able to host a multiplayer openrct2 game.

Good Luck.

Here are the instructions that i would have to follow in order to open a port through my xfinity router and service, though your case may be different if you use a different internet service provider. : https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/port-forwarding-xfinity-wireless-gateway

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