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Static in Merry go round music?

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I have found that the merry go round music will suddenly turn into static. It always happens after the same part of the music, and it can be fixed by unchecking and rechecking the "play music" option, but this is annoying and is only a temporary fix.

I've searched everywhere but haven't found anything, so does anyone know what this is?

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Not yet, but I'm just about to do it now. Is there any way I could record an audio clip of it happening, and would that help solve the problem?

I should also add that this has been happening since I installed OpenRCT2 a couple of weeks ago, so it's not just a problem with the latest development version.

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This used to happen to me when I modified the merry-go-.round music to play custom tracks. It would work but sometimes you'd get loud static instead of music when you loaded a park.

 I don't remember having this issue with the vanilla music.

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