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Queue:  1081p, Deurklink, UTMAN, giraty, Wuis Missed: Redscope53, Broxzier Added Restaurant Fox Sake including restrooms and both counters for food and drink consumption Added Hi

the restaurant has been officially called King Prawn Plant after the opening of the new Inverted Impulse Coaster by the same name! Claimed: -  Queue:  RedScope53, Deurklink, Broxzier, giraty, UT

Please forgive me gentlemen! I went 2 hours over the limit. Anyway, here's the new addition: Spinning Stars. It's a small ride with spinning Virginia Reel cars on a circular track. Claimed:

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The stuff you made really nice,  but can you refresh and put the list after your turn, also mention the next guy who is next. It will become dofficult to follow after a few rounds more

Claimed: UTMAN
Queue: T L3mmy, Broxzier, 1081p, Thibo1102, L3mmy,
Missed: Deurklink, Redscope53, giraty , Wuis

Also I'm claiming the park!

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Look who's in the queue twice!


Fixed the queue for ya :P 

Claimed: UTMAN
Queue: Broxzier, 1081p, Thibo1102, L3mmy, 
Missed: Deurklink, Redscope53, giraty , Wuis

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Sigh, I have a big creativity block..... 

I'll put myself in missed for now, sorry for wasting others' time.

Queue: Thibo1102, L3mmy, UTMAN, Broxzier
Missed: 1081p, Deurklink, Redscope53, giraty , Wuis

You're up @Thibo1102!

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