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Group Park 8


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Made a small black horror castle filled with gentle rides and also some food stalls.

Your turn @Wuis!

Claimed: -
Queue: Wuis, Broxzier, UTMAN
Missed: Redscope53, giraty, Deurklink



I also added some food stalls next to the Sybilla coaster to reduce the worlkoad of the ship.


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Queue:  1081p, Deurklink, UTMAN, giraty, Wuis Missed: Redscope53, Broxzier Added Restaurant Fox Sake including restrooms and both counters for food and drink consumption Added Hi

the restaurant has been officially called King Prawn Plant after the opening of the new Inverted Impulse Coaster by the same name! Claimed: -  Queue:  RedScope53, Deurklink, Broxzier, giraty, UT

Please forgive me gentlemen! I went 2 hours over the limit. Anyway, here's the new addition: Spinning Stars. It's a small ride with spinning Virginia Reel cars on a circular track. Claimed:

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Before giraty claimed 24 hour passed, and even after giraty 22 hours passed. So i'Ll put Wuis on missed list.

Your turn @Broxzier


Queue:  Broxzier, UTMAN, giraty
Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink, Wuis

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@saxman1089 Yes! Only there is a slight problem with the entrance and exit - the guests walk at the height of the original station, rather than at the height of the entrance/exit or vehicle. This should definitely be fixed in the code.

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Agreed! I think the entrance/exit would be the best choice. I've noticed the same, and honestly putting the station the guests use on the same level as path can be a pain, since your setup track goes through path and makes it impossible to build. I've run into this on a few H2H parks I've built on so far (Ghibli notably, since I did like 4 shoestrings in that park). Have you filed a Github issue? 

Would also be useful for standard flat rides too. I've sunken them by a half a unit before to hide the in-game base, and the peeps walk through whatever scenery I've put there.

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Okay sorry guys. Some work stuff came in. I tried to snoop some time to build anything but simply had no time in this 3 days. So put me on the missed. Will claim later when I have some room to breath


Queue: giraty, Broxzier
Missed: Redscope53, Deurklink, Wuis, UTMAN

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Ok guys, here's my contribution:

I have started work on an Asian-themed area next to the mechanical themed area. I made a Japanese style building which acts as the station for a wooden roller coaster, named Ryujin. In the middle of the area I made a Mini golf course.


(i have hidden peeps in the screenshot because they all started rushing towards the new rollercoaster ;) )

To do: Add more foliage, add shops, maybe add some more water, add gentle ride(s) (cano hire?)

@Broxzier, you're up!

Or any of the people in the missed turns list:

@RedScope53 @Wuis @UTMAN @giraty @jensj12

Queue:  Broxzier, Deurklink
Missed: Redscope53,  Wuis, UTMAN, giraty

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.23.sv6

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I don't really think that huge metal & glass tower fits in with the Asian themed stuff next to it..

EDIT: I just looked in game, and it's further away from the asian area than i thought.. Still, it's another monstrosity, that will block out the view of parts of the park from every angle. O.o

Edited by Deurklink
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Well if you guys don't like it, you can unmake my turn and continue from 8.23 again. Also in Japan there are a lot of modern stuff so technically it fits. :P But I admit it, it's a bit taller than I expected it.

Edited by UTMAN
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I don't mind the building itself, it's just that it obstructs the view of the nearby attractions. And thus it discourages people to build around it or decorate their attractions and or buildings well. If it stays you should really fix the pathway supports sticking out of the top of the tower, it'll look neater then.

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