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Sand Paths

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Really enjoying OpenRCT2 and it's benefits, having played the original two games since 1999.

Many years ago I downloaded some sand paths for RCT2 (please see attached.) Is there any such thing for OpenRCT2, and/or how to I go about importing these old .DAT files into the OpenRCT2 filesystem? Would they even work?

Grateful for any assistance.




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Thanks. I placed the .DAT files in the OpenRCT/object folder, but they didn't show up in the scenario editor (with all the addons and custom ticked.) I also tried putting them in OpenRCT2/data/object/rct2/footpath folder, but nothing. Might it be something to do with having to convert them from .DAT to .json?


Edit: working now, seems it didn't like using the launcher...

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Got working

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