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Hiding RCT1 Track Designs

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Hi.  I noticed that as of the 0.1.2 update, OpenRCT2 imports the track designs from my RCT1 install directory.  Is there an option I can use to hide the RCT1 track designs from the track designs list?

If not, how can I go about requesting this option be added?  Thanks.

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There's currently no in-game option to hide them. Deleting them from the RCT1 folder, well I would say moving it before you play ORCT2 to other folder is better because you don't have to redownload every track files everytime you want to play RCT1 again :D

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Add an issue to the issue tracker.

When doing so, please make sure it hasn't been suggested before and enough people would want it to justify an option. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this suggestion before.

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