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Ride Maintenance Feature?

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Hello, sorry if this has been asked or suggested already, but i feel that a rather important - more in the way of user friendlynes than gameplay - feature is missing:

as you know, as a ride ages, the reliability goes down and guests are less hyped about it. to solve this, you need to remove the ride and rebuild it.

on large, partly underground rides, you cannot easily just place it from a template, but have to manually rebuild it.

to prevent this, wouldnt a button be handy that - requiring a medium fee and a few months closure - maintains the ride to factory-new state, so it gains its original reliability and guests are hyped about it all over again? (though the later part isnt that realistic)


im currently in the gravity gardens campaign (year 20 has already passed) and jesus, no way on earth can i rebuild those old coasters with 3% reliability without a whole lot of work.

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There's a cheat that resets all ride's construction dates


A feature that adds this to non-cheat gameplay has also been suggested before, I just don't remember where.

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