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Change Version ?

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Hi Guys.

I´m new here so sorry if there is another Theart like this.


I just found out there is RCT2 Online. I instant startet Downlaoding the Open RCT and Installed all.

But i got RCT Version 1.2-36 but many Servers are on 1.2.-35, so i can´t connect to the Servers.


How can i change that ? Thanks for every Answer.

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You're more up to date than the server, so the best option is to wait for the servers to update (it doesn't usually take too long). If you really want to play now, you'll have to install a slightly older version of the game.

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That's understandable, the versioning isn't too obvious. The version 0.1.2-36 means you're on release/develop version 0.1.2 of the game, and network version 36. Both of these must match the one of the server in order to join.

The network version increases by one every time a change in the code gets made that changes some behaviour. That is needed because otherwise servers and clients will desync. Imagine if the AI for peeps has been changed, making guest go to bathrooms sooner or something. If you run that version of the game, and the server is still on an older build, you will see your guests heading to restrooms while in the server they are not.

The other part of the game version, 0.1.2, us the release (0.1.2 currently being in development). Once it's ready for release we move on to the next (0.1.3 most likely) and the network version will be set to 1 again.

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