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Deurklink Multiplayer Server (Round 2)

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Round 1 is still going on, but you can already register here to claim a spot in round 2. Round 2 will be like round 1, but if there's enough demand I'll increase the map to 5x5 squares. Also, round 2 will have a theme! I won't reveal it until I open the server! Round 2 will probably last from thursday until monday. Only claim if you have time.

I'll edit this thread later with more info. For the general idea, check round 1 thread (https://openrct2.org/forums/topic/2816-deurklink-multiplayer-server-claim-a-square/

To claim a spot in round 2, reply here with your name, and if you require cheats and tile explorer.

Use the following format to register or your comment will get ignored:

Username: Deurklink
Discord name: Deurklink
Cheats/Tile Inspector: Yes

Confirmed users 17/25
@fjack125 / Howler

@Discord94 / Cloud Striker


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Okay everyone, the server has started! 


Keep sign with your name on your area at all times.

Max 10 attractions per area.

Claim an area adjacent to other claimed areas.

No need to stick with the theme, but it will probably look cooler if you do :D


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Server crashed today, probably because someone did something hacky.

@nakedjulia's pathing was a mess, leading to guests getting lost. The tunnels weren't even drawn. I also removed the shops there in the process and i removed the maze and made an extra path to outside. Stripped off cheater rank for now. Please be careful.

@Comrade_Railroad I deleted some paths that i found under your entrances and exits. Please be careful with this.

@SDM I deleted some paths that i found under your entrances and exits. Please be careful with this.\

@fjack125/howly i made a path to the top part of your suare because guests were getting lost

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