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New Park (no name yet)

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Hi everyone! It's been too cold to do anything on my days off, so I've been building like crazy these past couple of days. Its still a WIP abviously, but I am determined to finish and make modify it. Tell me what you guys think! Suggestions? (More pictures soon)

2018-01-29 22-26-45.png

2018-01-29 22-26-59.png

2018-01-29 22-21-11.png

2018-01-29 22-30-57.png

2018-01-29 22-21-11.png

2018-01-29 22-30-45.png

2018-01-29 22-21-50.png

2018-01-29 22-23-39.png

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Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! And @YoloSweggLord I used to play RCT3 about 5 years ago with custom content, but never before have I messed around with RCT2 and its custom content! This is my first stab at it! 


Here's a little update of what I have done over the past week with the park. Its just 4 large screenshots so you can freely look around. A lot of work still needs to be done , but I think its coming together quite nicely

2018-02-05 18-14-30.png

2018-02-05 18-13-54.png

2018-02-05 18-13-35.png

2018-02-05 18-10-08.png

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Your either gifted from the stars above or extremely lucky. Don't get me wrong, Both of which are cool in my opinion but the style your rolling is top shelf and above beginner including the volume of content. Never the less...   I dig it man :D 

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Wow its been over like a year since I have played. Guess I got caught up in life. Oh well, here's a lil coaster I've been working on for the past week. If anyone is interested in a collab I would love to. I feel like this park is just an idea dump, but it definitely has potential. Enjoy!

 Oak heights 2019-03-15 20-27-39.png

 Oak heights 2019-03-15 20-27-44.png

 Oak heights 2019-03-15 20-27-52.png

 Oak heights 2019-03-15 20-28-04.png

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