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Infinite Staff?

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TheLazyKitten and me and others indeed struggle for this, we had 255 staff members in our map and it wasn't full yet ( 254x254 ), we were somewhere around year 150, and got very hard to manage a good park rating due to people puking on paths where we are not able to blue print staffs there.

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Getting these limits removed is a high-priority item on the devs to-do list, there are however still things that need to be done first (code refactorings and such) and even if we started developing it today, it'll need a few weeks/months before it's released. A new save file takes time, and we don't want to do it twice. Once it's done, we will celebrate it on these forums. Until that time, just build smaller parks (staff limits won't be the only limits you'll reach) ;)

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On 1/25/2018 at 02:34, Broxzier said:

Consider building more benches and first aid rooms, or making the coasters less nauseous if puking is such a big problem. You can also set the staff speed to high to simulate having more staff. 

its these little things that help 'stretch' certain maxed out situations

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