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OpenRCT2 won't work on my acer laptop!

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Hello! I just downloaded openrct2 on my acer aspire laptop and i have an avg anti virus protector and i downloaded the windows version and when i clicked on it the avg popped up and said this file might be dangerous and i said i trust this file and it i tried launching it and what happened the window popped up for about 5 seconds and it went off! What can i do? I have no other way playing rct2 or openrct2!

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Try going into AVG and marking OpenRCT2.exe as an exception manually. I’m not sure exactly how to do it because I don’t have AVG, but sometimes the “trust this file” dialog doesn’t work perfectly. 


Also, try restarting your computer and then try it again. Sometimes the antivirus programs need to be closed out and turned back on before things really take effect. 

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Here are instructions on how to add files into exceptions https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-exclude-file-folder-or-website-from-AVG-scanning&supportType=home

Like Saxman said, add OpenRCT2 / the whole folder as an exception on your anti-virus,

as the game updates all the time etc, false positives occurs when anti-viruses think something fishy is going on

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