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Custom Music Loader in Options

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I posted this on the Discord, but thought I would say it here as well. What would people think of a custom music loader built-in to the options somewhere? Basically this is how I imagine it would work:

On title screen, click on the custom music loader. Brings you to a window where you can select files to be used for custom 1 and custom 2 music tracks. After clicking proceed (or enter or whatever), the loader makes a copy of the selected file(s), renames it "custom1.wav" or (and) "custom2.wav" and places it (them) in the proper directory, loading it (them) into the game.

Currently, I rarely use custom music even when someone tells me I should, because I hate having to navigate into the proper folder to place the file there. I think such a tool would make the use of custom music easier while still remaining compatible with the current save format. It would also provide a stepping stone to a more robust tool once the new save format is implemented.

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It's better to suggest stuff on the forum/Github issue tracker so it's visible 

I recommend, like YoloSweggLord said, MusicManager

It has been discussed a little bit about adding a folder instead where music files can be stored and remove the '2 track' limit

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