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RCT Classic for Mobile is now on Steam??

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Atari has officially ported RCT Classic (for mobile) to Steam on PC. Seems a little stupid, why would anybody buy a port of a mobile game on PC? As good as the mobile version looks, Atari is just dragging the RCT name through the mud and I hope nobody buys this shit from them anymore. But I was just wondering, if this could affect OpenRCT2 in anyway?

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I saw a post about this on the RCT reddit. Here are some quotes for you:


OpenRCT2 dev here. Getting the game to run with RCTC files will be a personal priority once it comes out. We experimented with the .apk after the android release, and made some significant progress, so unless the PC version drastically changes the data storage method, RCTC should be a viable replacement for RCT2 in the import process in the near future.


RCT2 is the baseline for the game, and will remain the baseline until it's fully independent. The idea is to allow for RCTC to be an alternative to RCT2. We have no plans for adding anything with the RCTC files that can't be done with the RCT2 ones for exactly this reason.


And a link to the reddit page where i found this:




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The great news about this is that it should bring a few more people to the game. Assuming the quoted comments above pan out Steam will be a way more accessible way to get the data files needed to run OpenRCT2.

My biggest fear here is the potential for incompatibility between RCTC and ORCT2's save files. Since RCTC removes all corrupt elements from the map, invisible huts and other invisible items all reappear on iOS. I've also noticed that crooked house mode for invisible track seems to crash RCTC in some instances but not in others and I have not yet been able to sort out when and why.  I have to assume the same will be true in Steam, which makes deciding whether to keep a park RCTC-compatible that much more difficult.

Kind of makes me wonder about the practicality of distributing an ORCT2 launcher along with save files. If Steam stores the RCTC data in a predictable location it might be possible to create a new launcher that automatically finds the RCTC data in Steam and then auto-loads the park that's contained in the same folder.

Alternatively, it could be time to say goodbye to the .SV6 format. That would ensure that people view ORCT2 parks properly and without huts reappearing or the game instantly crashing. Of course the obvious drawback would be a loss of compatibility with the official games, but we're sort of in that situation already if you use invisible huts and some crooked house hacks.

At the very least it'd probably be a good idea to start including a ReadMe.txt that links to the ORCT2 website zip'd up along with any save files.


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