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2 minutes ago, cascadia said:


People here usually are; it's just that sometimes people forget about things mentioned on the thread.

I like, respect, learn from and hopefully give a tid bit of advice to others when I can :D 

That being said .... WE NEED TO HAVE A 3 DAY BBQ LOCATED .... UMmm i don't where... but holy shit! how fun could that be??!!! get all you goofy and smart sum bitches on the same beach drinking... everything.. :D to just hang out. .. .. .. BEST PARK EVER!!!


this is Don Julios fault....  MUCH LOVE... Peace Out :D 

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Alright. I made a medieval themed junior coaster named Excalibur. It's a coaster that goes up and down the hill and through a castle.  Claimed: -Queue: @imlegos, giraty, qbbq,TheMightyClem,

Today I've collected the saved games of all versions and wrote a script to make a giant screenshot of them, and am planning to compile them into a video. In the video I want to give everyone who parti

Added following features: Compact Wooden Coaster - Criminal Patrol Merry-Go-Round Maze Food/Drink Stalls Toilets Souvenirs Furthermore as seen in th

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No big changes. Decided not to remove the visibility of Touge Kart, instead I added fences at corners and reduced the amount of cars in Ferrari Parade. Putting myself in missed list because holiday until 31st July! Happy holiday everyone xD


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Queue: qbbq, Broxzier, imlegos, Wuis
Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, TheMightyClem, SpiffyJack, jensj12, Monsanto, giraty


The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.47.sv6

EDIT: Hope there's no mismatch. I haven't used the 0.1. OpenRCT2

Edited by giraty
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Added more scenery to "Molerat".

Made A Station Great Again! (... who am I kidding? It's literally a dumpster fire.)

@Broxzier, our power provider, PowerMax, wishes to further along its high voltage power lines into our park.

And welcome @Monsanto! You are free to pick up the file and play at any time. Just make sure it isn't currently claimed and make a post saying that you are claiming.


Queue: @Broxzier imlegos, Wuis, qbbq
Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, TheMightyClem, SpiffyJack, jensj12, Monsanto, giraty

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.48.sv6

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Queue: Broxzier, imlegos, Wuis, qbbq, jensj12
Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, TheMightyClem, SpiffyJack, Monsanto, giraty


Tried to build a pirate ship tour, here's the result (ignore the golf sticks):


Improvements are welcome. I also fixed some incorrectly placed glass walls on the teleporting coaster.

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.49.sv6

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I'm replacing a fried SSD in my system... Bad Day... lost my work. 

Use the current file       6.50                                        https://openrct2.org/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5072

sorry to inconvenience you.

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Queue: @imlegos, Wuis, qbbq, jensj12, Broxzier
Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, TheMightyClem, Monsanto, giraty, SpiffyJack

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1 hour ago, Wuis said:

@SpiffyJack When did you think frying a SSD was a good idea? :P 

Seems the summer holidays will be a rather quiet period. Which is always kind of weird as you'd expect to have more time but instead plan your holiday full too. x) 

Usually I like em as a fried egg sandwich, but so far, none of this is tasting very good. Enterprise drive too... failed in less than 3 years .. :D 

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Now our park engineers have seen track merging and teleporting, it was time for a new project that would go beyond any limit. They thought it was a good idea to go... Into Space! A open area in the desert next to another high-tech facility was selected for this project.

Four guests enter in a space shuttle and take a proof flight to the top of the tower. After that a speed test is conducted and the shuttle is brought in launch position. Shortly after the first launch, engineers detected that the orientation of the space shuttle was incorrect and had to be returned as soon as possible. The mission of sending thousands of guests into space however could no longer be stopped and all flights will be aborted shortly after launch, returning all guests safely to earth.


(note: 'train follows first piece built' doesn't hold on slope-to-flat track, do not sort map elements near this coaster) (I forgot queue line TV's, can someone add them?)

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Queue: Broxzier, Wuis, jensj12
Missed: RedScope53, Cascadia, WobblyRails, Tune, Jochem, TheMightyClem, Monsanto, giraty, SpiffyJack, imlegos, qbbq

The OpenRCT2 Group Park 6.52.sv6


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