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How to Clone Source Code OpenRCT2 For VS 2017

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Hello guy!

I Will show you how to Clone Source Code into VS 2017 the OpenRCT2 For Windows if you like help out developing Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.


  • Github Account
  • Visual Studio 2017 - Community or Professional or Enterprise
  • Fork OpenRCT2 in Github
  • Knowledge in C++
  • IDA or OllyDbg Are Optional
  • Visual C++ Redistributable


How to Clone Source Code For VS 2017 OpenRCT2  With Step


  • 1. Open Visual Studio 2017 from your desktop.
  • 2. Click Team Explorer and click connect with github.
  • 3. You will need to sign in with github account.
  • 4. You will have to need to fork OpenRCT2 by going to https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2 with your github account.
  • 5. Click Fork Button and wait for fork, and will be added form your github profile
  • 6. Back to OpenRCT2 Github, Click Clone or Download Button
  • 7. Click Open in Visual Studio
  • 8. Enjoy! Make sure you read readme.md in Solution Explorer Before Developing.



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That is not exactly decompiling. I'd rather call it downloading the game. Decompiling is trying to read the machine code of compiled games (the original rollercoaster tycoon game for example) and create source code from it. What you described is how to get the (official OpenRCT2) source code of the game in visual studio from github. Both lead to source code, but the way of doing it is completely different.

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