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'Too many banners in game' - What is the limit??

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So, what exactly is the limit on banners in the game? I tend to put them up at ride exits to keep peeps from wandering from the main paths and saying 'I'm lost!' Yet, I started playing a new game, only put up like 7 rides, and the game is telling me that there are too many banners in the game, which, I could have sworn there was a much higher limit than say, ten banners. So, does anyone know the limit, and is there a way for it to be increased in a future update?


I am currently playing build 6cb9297 on Windows 7.


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@Arystina  just like Cascadia said, there is a bug about it and it's linked in the GitHub Wikipage

Here is a quote from the page;


There is a banner limit. It's unclear what the maximum number of banners is. But there also seems to be a bug at the calculation of it: http://forums.rctspace.com/index.php?showtopic=23825 Do you have a save which says you can't place more banners and you don't have placed that many banners then you can follow the following instructions to fix this: open the console window and enter "fix_banner_count" in the console window and press Enter. This will fix the banner count!


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