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As you start to download some new parks your ObjData/Object folder will increase with many new dats. To find out what has been downloaded each time open the ObjData/Object folder and sort by date. The newest ones will be the latest dates.

A little bit of advise though, make a copy of the ObjData/Object folder you normally use before you start downloading new parks. That folder gets pretty full pretty fast and you may not want to keep all the new dats which have been downloaded. Also at some point that folder will get soo full (over 5500) that you won't be able to scroll down the small scenery list and read all the info about each one.

Another thing to look for is many times different park builders have designed their own items which are almost identical to the originals or other custom made items, roofs and walls are good examples, these may all have the same name but of course different dat names. A good example is pizza shops PIZZS (original) and PIZZS1. Both look identical but if you don't build all of your parks with the same one you could/will have trouble opening them and why carry extra dats in your file. It will get big enough as is.

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@joshmarsilio I know you are relatively new to this and I don't think any of us jumped in and starting making custom ANYTHING right a way. We all started with what was in the game and gradually learne

One day, ORCT2 will break the limits, we'll have No Limits... CWIDT

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I ran into a issue several months ago when I had 6476 items in my ObjData folder. Yes I was able to scroll down to the very bottom but somewhere in the T's the dat name in the lower corner stopped showing. I since haven't had that many items in that file.

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I think all y'all just need to relax. We don't need this type of idiocy here. Let's keep the forums nice, please.


@joshmarsilio, you'll just have to be patient while things are added to OpenRCT2. We all have to wait.  Now don't we?

I know this topic is being worked on, so, as with you, I am super excited for when this happens. As of now, I'll be back to waiting. :P

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16 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

well my biggest problem now is that i can't even select more than 19 scenery groups while in the game.


Although this limit can't be circumvented, you do not need to select a scenery group to select the corresponding object. Objects that are selected without their corresponding scenery group are all placed in a single "miscellaneous" tab, which can take up to 128 objects (IIRC, actual limit may differ but I think it's around there). You can also deselect default scenery groups/objects (like walls, hedges and trees) that you don't use, which frees up room for more objects.

However, there is also a limit on the number of scenery objects you can have loaded at once and there really is no way of breaking that one (short of cramming multiple small scenery items into a single large scenery item, which I've been thinking of doing but I haven't seen it tried yet)

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2 hours ago, X7123M3-256 said:

Objects that are selected without their corresponding scenery group are all placed in a single "miscellaneous" tab, which can take up to 128 objects (IIRC, actual limit may differ but I think it's around there).

Not quite, if the object can go into one of the stock groups (Walls, Fences, Gardens, Trees, Bushs) then it won't be in misc.

The limit is also 255 for small and wall objects IIRC.

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I'm pretty sure that the default groups don't behave any different from the others - if a scenery object belongs in any loaded scenery group, it will show up under that tab, but if those groups are not loaded, then it will show up in misc. I will try to test it, but the script I had for unloading default scenery groups (the object selection window still doesn't allow it) is on my laptop so I'll probably do it tomorrow.

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