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Help ! I got this issues

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30 minutes ago, Duncans_pumpkin said:

Yes it probably is. So is this only happening on badly formed images?

The image I had was sent to me by @Gymnasiast, already loaded into RCT2's internal format, so I don't know exactly what was done to create it. It was used as a preview image for a ride, and displayed fine in the object selection, but upon opening the ride selection window, the game crashed with an assertion failure, saying G1_FLAG_BMP was not set. All images in object files normally have this flag set, so I'd consider the image invalid, yes. All it took to fix the issue was to set the flag.



4 minutes ago, Sainty7 said:

So any solution to this problem ? im reaching a dead end :( ive try to uninstall n reinstall too but still to no avail

If this is indeed the same issue I had (might not be though - it sounds similar but it wasn't exactly the same error message), it is likely caused by a broken object file. I'd try running with only vanilla objects and see if that works.

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@Sainty7, I had a similar issue, basically where it affect both RCT2 and OpenRCT2. What you've stated sounds to me like a corrupted file. I had a ride file go corrupt and it ruined my game completely. It was basically the point I could zoom out or move anywhere in the park otherwise I would get the 'assertion failed' pop up.


You may have just 1 object causing an issue, or it may be more. If you can find anything suspicious and seemingly broken, REMOVE IT. In other words, search for files that have been causing issues, go into either RCT2's objdata, or whatever OpenRCT2 has for that and remove those files completely. (Put them in the trash folder). 


Before I figured that I had to remove the files causing issues, I couldn't play old saves, or new games, couldn't do multiplayer, and it did nothing to uninstall and reinstall RCT2 and OpenRCT2. 


I had 1 file that went corrupt and it broke my game. Because, LOGIC. Hopefully, for your case, removing any files that may be corrupt would fix or imrpove your game.


Good luck! ;)

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9 hours ago, Duncans_pumpkin said:

@sainty7 you night have to switch to a build from before the weekend if that doesn't work. I will revert my assert when I can but that won't be till tomorrow night

err.. what build do u suggest for me... can u point me to the right direction? thanks in advance 9_9

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