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Installing scenarios???

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You seem to have several diffrint and missing files from what's in my folder, i'm not quite sure what that's about, but i guess you will have to try and locate openrct2.exe on your own, i'm not sure what's going on...

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The launcher is downloaded here: https://openrct.net/OpenRCT2%20Launcher.applicationIt gives you a quick way to download and install the content from the OpenRCT2 "store". I haven't had much luck with it myself, since some of them are packaged incorrectly and just flat out don't work for whatever reason, but yeah.Alternatively, you just need to put the scenario files into your Scenarios folder, found in your RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) installation folder.

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Let me guess, you downloaded from OpenRCT2.com? Our content store doesn't work good with those builds. Just download the game with the big green button on the download page of this website. You'll get the game and a launcher. The game is the same as the one you already downloaded, but the launcher is where the online magic happens.

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