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Can we have more than a 128 ride selection?

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@Warrenbro seriously? After all the times it's been asked, again? Why don't you just implement it yourself? Wasting our time seeing this precise question being asked over and over again makes it really not worth all the effort we put into openrct2 when all you can do is complain, as this has been answered hundreds of times and you don't even bother trying to search for it. Can you kindly please remove yourself from the Internet?

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On 8/27/2016 at 17:11, Culbrelai said:

Ya they are working on it, it's one of the most requested features so I'm sure it will be included =P

I also want to be able to do like in RCT1 where you can have a park entry fee AND pay per ride instead of one or the other...

They already have that under cheats, then go to parameters. 

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