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Server promotion!?! If you see any server called Sensual's Server or Sensual's Realism Server, that's probably me. It's not permanent but it reminds me of something worth mentioning. If I phrase this weird it's because I'm currently drunk my apologies to Allah.

Anyway, here's my personal ground rules for hosting a server which may be useful to new hosters:
1. Groups should be as follows:

-muted: no rights
-spectator: default; chat only
-user: build rides, ride properties, and some other stuff i can't remember
-trusted: delete rides, terraform, scenery, cluster, staff
-moderator: can upgrade people and kick
-host: everything

2. Until your server is crowded and has several moderators, don't leave. Always have at least ONE person who can kick or give perms
3. When giving perms, give anyone who asks user perms (unless you know not to), give trusted once they build a ride or two with effort behind it, give mod if you already know them or they've been trusted for a while
4. Never give the default terraform or scenery
5. Jurassic World was a terrible movie
6. Not always, but most of the time if you host, you won't have time for building yourself so keep that in mind
7. A trick I used when hosting is to always have every player's box open in the corner of my screen, so if someone in the chat says something bad has happened (e.g. A ride was deleted without permission) you can see latest action and know instantly who did what.
8. Kick liberally may seem mean but it's always better to kick a regular player than to let a griefer keep griefing, just apologize if you've made a mistake.
9. Also try muting instead of kicking.
10. No furries
11. Check your ego at the door. This server isn't for you, it's for everyone else so NEVER kick someone for disagreeing with you or not acting how you expect cough dust cough. If someone is being annoying, give them fair warning, tell them the problem you have with them. Honesty is important to prevent the server from caving in on itself.
12. Free-for-all just means grief, it doesn't let players who want to play do what they want.
13. Tell someone the info you need so they don't give you a little info and then you decide you're going to vent at them because your fed up well I'm fed up too. I wasn't being mean or anything Duncan, I'm just didn't want to give too much useless info so I gave a little expecting you to ask what you needed. 
14. Be respectful

If I forget anything, please say so in the comments

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> 5. Jurassic World was a terrible movie

> 8. Kick liberally may seem mean but it's always better to kick a regular player than to let a griefer keep griefing, just apologize if you've made a mistake.

> 10. No furries

> 13. Personal message to a developer


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